Saturday, September 24, 2016

The best of times and the worst of times.teaching over 33 years thebest of times learning to plan my lessons

I had come to the belief a few years ago that, I would never retire from teachings unless I was forced to because of my health.A stroke changed my plans. Mentally I have not retired .I realize that in the hospitalmIhad33years of experiences that could be useful. As I am forced. to look on the sidelines I watch negotiations for teachers I still  get fired up when I hear people trash talking teachers and teaching I have met several awesome people' in teaching in all disciplines .I hope to share some of those experiences' in this blog to encourage ya'll
You know who are you are on the 200 wing at DWYERh.S. an A rated high  school in palm beach county and and my fellow teachers at CW.Ruckel middle school a blue ribbon middle school. Through teaching I also found a second career in acting and later studied improvisational act an I would later teach imtprovisational acting through the. Matte Kelly school of acting and I worked with the acting troup "murphy's lawless" and later I used those new found skills which changed everything for me as a teacher. My previous experience in retail sales help me with technology in the classroom. Many of my friends have previous work life experiences that they brought to the classroom which makes them great earliest experience before teaching was working as a department manager at Gayfer.s With a million dollar budget later I sold copiers my  my mentor Thomas Downingworked as an executive for IBM he taught me how tow to get organized  daily, s.yes I carried  my-day timer with me everywhere which I used well into my first five years of teaching recently I've been reading about school districts attacking the teacher planning periods requiring teachers to use ther planning period to cover administrative responsibilities around their schools. I learned how to use a minimum amount of time, my planning the better organized Ibecame 
 maintained my day timer when the more I sold more copiers I shared my day timer notes with my boss  I never went any where without my day timer as I would later use my lesson plans  I lived by these rules as a teacher I've seen a real weaknessin colleges that do not train young teachers in the best way to utilize planning timei remember yhey woild give us homework to create we begin to see this planning time disappearing. it used to take me 45minutes to drive to work and I would run down this list using my dragon dictation app since I could not write while driving. I am not that good of a driver hopefully you wiill find theses and apply them

Day Timer ideas for Goal setting…
·         Take 10 minutes to plan - and save up to an hour each day!
  ·       Think with a pencil or pen in your hand. Write everything down.
·         Learn the difference between "urgent" and "important," and make time for the latter.
·         Under-promise results, then over-deliver.
·         Let your actions spring from your personal goals and values.
·         Number your tasks in order of priority, and get started on it.
·         If you're overwhelmed by a big project, cut it up into little projects.
·         Allow double the time you think a project will take. You'll be on time and avoid stress.
·         Know when to stop fine-tuning your work. Aim for excellence, not perfection.
·         Give yourself little rewards for finishing tasks.
·         To avoid workspace clutter, make an instant decision on each paper that crosses your desk.
·         Lay out what you need for the next day the night before.               

So I decide to Google this idea of goal setting. The first place I went to was

+Ialso created my own form based on the counties requirements for lesson plansthis allowed me greater speed in planing


HOUSEKEEPING: Attendance/Announcements/School Related Business

LESSON: What actually occurred in class
OBJECTIVES;state or county

Do not forget Modeling, and Guided Practice.            Check for Understand.                      Restate objective regularly


by creating this form I kept my all oflessons oonmycomputer lessons wereavailablonline.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

chracter development sheet

my student created a chracter development sheet for our sci fi club when wewereworking on a board game they wanted wto creat they research several different maybe thiscould assist some new writters to nano wrimo:

Character Sheet:

1.    Name:

2.    Age:

3.    Height:

4.    Eye color:

5.    Physical appearance:

6.    Strange or unique physical attributes:

7.    Favorite clothing style/outfit:

8.    Where does he or she live? What is it like there?

9.    Defining gestures/movements (i.e., curling his or her lip when he or she speaks, always keeping his or her eyes on the ground, etc.):

10.  Things about his or her appearance he or she would most like to change:

11.  Speaking style (fast, talkative, monotone, etc.):

12.  Pet peeves:

13.  Fondest memory:

14.  Hobbies/interests:

15.  Special skills/abilities:

16.  Insecurities:

17.  Quirks/eccentricities:

18.  Temperament (easygoing, easily angered, etc.):

19.  Negative traits:

20.  Things that upset him or her:

21.  Things that embarrass him or her:

22.  This character is highly opinionated about:

23.  Any phobias?

24.  Things that make him or her happy:

25.  Family (describe):

26.  Deepest, darkest secret:

27.  Reason he or she kept this secret for so long:

28.  Other people’s opinions of this character (What do people like about this character? What do they dislike about this character?):

29.  Favorite bands/songs/type of music:

30.  Favorite movies:

31.  Favorite TV shows:

32.  Favorite books:

33.  Favorite foods:

34.  Favorite sports/sports teams:

35.  Political views:

36.  Religion/philosophy of life:

37.  Physical health:

38.  Dream vacation:

39.  Description of his or her house:

40.  Description of his or her bedroom:

41.  Any pets?

42.  Best thing that has ever happened to this character:

43.  Worst thing that has ever happened to this character:

44.  Superstitions: