Sunday, August 10, 2014

Museums See Different Virtues in Virtual Worlds by Anand Girldharadas

Creativity, innovations and dreams are an incredible combination, when people back up those dreams with effort. These are the three ideas that I thought of when I read Anand Girldharadas’s article “Museums see different virtue in virtual world” in the Palm Beach post this past Sunday which was picked up from the New York Times.

I recently visited my home town of Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon Museum. It was a wonderful day and I found myself as giddy as a young boy looking for the first time at the marvels of history, science and art. My first experience there was as a young man, my girlfriend took me and they were presenting the "Ancient World" as their main exhibit. A wall from an ancient city was in the main hall. They had a sarcophagus, that later would be put in their special Egyptian section many years later; and for many years after that, I felt that I had to go back home to revel in this sense of wonderment.

However, thanks to two New York museums, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum they wanted to bring this vision to the world. As Anand states, in his article they serve different clientele. “The Met,” he said, “an isle and in the global archipelago of leading museums, and the Brooklyn Museum more rooted in local soil.” Yet for all their differences, they share a world conquering dream…The dream that anyone, anywhere, could participate and would be given the chance to engage the technology at these museums.”

Below is a link to Anand Girldharas’s article and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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